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Amusement animatronic anklysaur
Time:2017-8-31 16:10:14


Amusement animatronic anklysaur

   Size: 4 meters long

            Movements:mouth open and close with sound

head can left and right

head can up and down

tail swaying

starting mode:infrared sensor or shooting gun

materials:high density foam+anti-rust steel +5 mm thickness silicone rubbery 





 Look, flexible and vivid appearance...

Do you want to our dinosaurs to decorate your Jurassic park?

Please don't hesitate to contact me..   






                                                                                                                                   Factory show



We have exported our Dinosaur display to many countries,such as Ireland,UK,Germany,Russia,

Italy,USA,Peru,Chile,Oman and so on and get good reputation from our customer. 

We welcome you to visit us to discuss more details. We can help you to design your dinosaur park,

produce Dinosaur display, transportation and installation and after-sales service.



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