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Amusement animals decotations glued on the wall,simulated fish
Time:2017-12-28 16:29:22


 Amusement animals decotations glued on the wall,simulated fish  

New product, all kinds of simulated fishes, can be decorated on the wall




It made up of the high density foam and silcone rubber....

We stick to 3 times silicone rubbery to prevent the skin torn apart..

and the skin is waterproof &sunproof &snowproof 




All process were made by pure handmade




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We also can provide the design case to decorate your amusement park

Our Dinosaur display combined with local terrain and environmental conditions,

based on customer requirements,appliers light,water,sound effect and other elements to

build unique theme effects,such as Dinosaur Train,Water fight with dinosaurs,

Dinosaur display cave,Dinosaur display shooting,Dinosaur display restaurants,

to bring visitors fun and joy by our interactive entertainment. 



How to buy from us?

1.Send us your request by email or phone. After that, our salesman will contact you soon within 24 hours

2.See out product item,and choosing which products you like. Tell us product name and full information

will be provided soon, such as specification, cost, power consumption, delivery time etc.

3.Business Negotiation on details. After confirmation, signing contract

4.After signing the contract and proceed the first transfer, we step into Production Period immediately.

 Meantime, each week, we shall send update making process pictures for customer’s references.

After Production Complete, test quality before delivery. Then packing, loading,

 transport to the departure port…..


  Animatronic tree video



 You can choose come to our Dinosaur display

factory to sign the contract, or sign on Internet.


 We have three ways of payment: PayPal, T/T and western union.

 Or our customer could pay us in other ways

and we can negotiate it before sign contract.




 We always deliver our Dinosaur display by ship or by air.



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