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Agilisaurus dinosaur fossil

Agilisaurus dinosaur fossil

Size:2 meters width

Description:After dinosaurs died, soft tissue in the body corrupted and disappeared and the hardware of 

organizations such as bone (including teeth) deposited in the sediment in the isolated from oxygen environment,

with tens of millions of years or even hundreds of millions of years of sedimentation,

then bone mineralized and preserved completely dinosaur fossil

 Dig dinosaur fossil

It is made up of the  fiberglass materials,waterproof and sunproff.

we have two typles dinosaur fossil,one is for musemum, and another is for artwork.

Each country has different  soil, we can design the fossil's color according to you soil's color,

make it more realistic and vivid.

Dinosaur Fossil Exibition Show

We have gotten CE certificate for dinosaur fossil and dinosaur skeleton. 

All the products have been tested and got quality report before delivery.

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